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Date: May 23rd 2017
Thanks, Alice. Not hasty but not likely to reconsider - and, assuming your praise is heartfelt and genuine, I think the move will only benefit the section. 

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Dear Helen,
I'm devastated to hear this, and urge you to reconsider.
1) You play with amazing sensitivity and skill and no loss of technique. (The bit in the Dukas defeated me as well as you: it is famously impossible to play.)
2) I love your playing, and always have, and I strongly believe that both Adrian and Andy would testify to your leadership skills as well. (I know Andy would, and Simon also.) You belong at the front of any section.
3) I hope this is not a hasty decision based upon our apparent disagreements last evening, which you mention have with luck been resolved in yours. (Paul has yet to call me but it's early days.)
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Dear Alice

Firstly, I am glad that the shenanigans of the past few weeks have been resolved with last night's AGM decisions and renewed commitments. We can all now look forward to the Mozart workshop (yay - a whoe day of WAM!) and the the next couple of exciting seasons with the centenary.

I have copied this to celli, Adrian and David as it affects them all and, of course Paul for info. For the workshop and future seasons I would like to relinquish my front desk seat and sit outside 3rd desk. As you should remember, I have often voiced the opinion that there should be more strong players near the back of string sections as well as at the front. I already regularly either lead or sit near the front in two other local orchestras and although I will particularly miss sitting next to my husband (better make the jokes louder in future, David!) I now just want to sit back and just enjoy the music.  I would appreciate it in the light of my long service in BSO celli - 43 seasons - if that could be a permanent position for me..until I'm too incompetent to get round the dots and have to quit or be dragged dribbling from the section!!


Yours as ever

Helen xx

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