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From: "Alice McVeigh via BSO celli">
Subject: Fw[2]: Cello parts
Date: November 18th 2017
Hi fellow cellos: 

Alan here, helping us out!!!! 

Please prioritise bowing the Strauss, assuming you can find the time before Mon., as (a) it's the most demanding (for us) and (b) Si is meant to do it on Monday. Though not exclusively, I don't think. (He's at a conference just now so can't check.)


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Subject: Fwd: Cello parts


Here are the cello parts. You may wish to forward them directly to the cellos as I'm not sure about the upload process or when Phil will get my email



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Date: 18 November 2017 at 11:08
Subject: Cello parts
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I'm not sure of the process but here are the bowed cello parts:

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