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Date: November 23rd 2017
(Sorry, sent the unfinished one, not the finished email!!!! Still figuring out how to do technology here, being dumb.)

So, what I need to know is dates on Sundays in Jan and Feb when you can play, so we can fix on the best possible date.

Have just bought £113 of new and exciting cello music from the Absolute Zero viola quartet (whose leader is a friend of mine and great arranger, despite being a violist!!!!)
He has arranged some of their best-selling viola quartets for cellos. So we might want to form two cello quartets, maybe, or maybe one octet, depending upon people's preferences/availability?


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Hi Alice, when is it going to be? Joyce

On 23 Nov 2017 2:38 p.m., "Alice McVeigh via BSO celli" <> wrote:
Right: I have enough green lights to say that the concert, at my church (URC, Petts Wood, newly refurbished with losing half the pews and with the addition of a full-size, nearly-new Yamaha grand piano costing over £25,000) in aid of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is going to happen!!!!

The BSO wind quintet is up for it, as it the Giardini string quartet. 


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