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Happy Christmas, everybody!!!!

December 20th 2018

Dear fellow cellos, Just wanted to say, so sorry I didn't get my Christmas cards in gear for last rehearsal (I hadn't even realised it was the last one, being not only naturally dim but also a bit snowed-under with work) but just wanted to thank you all for a great year, and a great deal of fine, powerful and sensitive cello playing. (Not to mention being such a lovely bunch of people.) So, onward and upwards in the centenary - esp. for the last mvt. of Beethoven's 9th!!!! (Cello section highl ...Continue Reading

Re: Dec 17 any good?? :)

December 7th 2018

Sorry guys but after months of 3 orch nights per week and Dave working on the 2018 village song we are keeping evenings free to get ready for crimbo and the family onslaught. Hope you all have a good evening. In case interested Dave will be interviewed on Radio Kent Sat 15 Dec, we think 11:25amCheck out the latest song:[1] Helen x Sent from my iPhone On 5 Dec 2018, at 08:42, Alice McVeigh via BSO celli <[2]" style="color: #2199e8 ...Continue Reading

Dec 17 any good?? :)

December 5th 2018

Dear fellow cellos, Si being in Hong Kong for five days later this month (it's not that he doesn't love you, one and all, but. . . ) I thought about having a little Christmas cello event at our place. The obvious chance is Monday, Dec. 17, as no orch. will be happening, though I'm sure some of you social butterflies will have Christmas parties already planned in the week before Christmas. Anyway, let me know. Love,A ...Continue Reading

Mahler bowings

November 18th 2018

Dear fellow cellos (just wrote 'Deaf fellow cellos' for which I beg forgiveness!!!!!) Please also accept apologies for late arrival of bowings. I forgot I had the Mahler and that Si hopes to nail the string bits tomorrow. (S. has not forgotten this, and reminded me.) Here are the parts, in two parts (and I think I did one page twice) because our printer was in a mood. With thanks, XXAlice ...Continue Reading

Beethoven or Mozart for next concert

November 11th 2018

Dear cello friends, First, I should say thanks for your brilliant playing last night - I had a professional friend in the audience who was v. impressed (and that was us WITHOUT Hel and Sam) so we must have done OK!!! Most importantly, though, is that I understand that at least one of you needs to be in one of the two 'sections' (Mozart/Beethoven) for convenience, and I need to know if any of the rest of you do. Briefly, Adrian is apparently allowing only six cellos each for both the Mozart and ...Continue Reading

Sidcup cellos need help next week!!!!!!!

October 12th 2018

Dear fellow cellos, Please see below. Some of you recall that Jan Penny helped me out when I needed a cello 4tet for Edwin's funeral. She's a lovely person and (I'm sure) a very good principal cellist. And she's certainly up against it, with only TWO cellos for a romantic programme of Tchaikovsky, Grieg and Mendelssohn, so please DO help (either by going along or by passing this on to strong amateur players whom you might know that I don't - Helen G and Sam prob. know absolutely everyone, b ...Continue Reading

remaining bowings

September 29th 2018

Hi fellow cellos!!!!!!!!!! Please find enclosed the remaining works (not many bowings in comparison) for the next concert. (Hel has done the heavy lifting already.) Not sure what we're messing about with on Monday but try to get whatever it is bowed if poss. Si apologises to you all (he was showing me how to shove them on a computer stick) for doing the second page of the Ravel instead of the first, lol, but it's all there. And I now know how to scan to a stick, yay me!!!! XXAlice ...Continue Reading


September 24th 2018

Well that was a puzzle - I emailed the pdf to myself and then to my other email account. Both worked so file not too big. Also sent to SSO and they got it! Emailed to David on way back from rehearsal and he has uploaded to members area-parts-cello parts of the BSO website and we’ve is there! No idea why none of you got it via my emails?? Happy pencilling! Helen Sent from my iPhone ...Continue Reading

Just testing

September 19th 2018

Email totally playing up! Ignore this one I’m trying to see if it sends! Grrrrr Helen Sent from my iPhone ...Continue Reading

Re: Brahms Tragic Overture

September 17th 2018

Thank you Helen!Jane x On 14 Sep 2018, at 00:18, Helen Griffiths via BSO celli <cel[1]> wrote: Hope this reaches you all in tact! Elgar to follow. Helen Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: From: "Helen Griffiths" <[2]">hgri[3]> To: "Helen Griffiths" <[4]">hgri[5]> Subject: iScanner: Brahms Tragic Overture Created with [6]iScanner ...Continue Reading


September 16th 2018

My email says Elgar was sent but I haven’t received it back as part of the group - can someone confirm whether I need to send again please? Cheers Helen Sent from my iPhone ...Continue Reading

Brahms Tragic Overture

September 14th 2018

Hope this reaches you all in tact! Elgar to follow. Helen Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: From: "Helen Griffiths" <[1]">hgri[2]> To: "Helen Griffiths" <[3]">hgri[4]> Subject: iScanner: Brahms Tragic Overture Created with [5]iScanner App [1] mailto:hgri<a href= [2] ...Continue Reading


June 11th 2018

Dear friends and fellow cellos, As you all know already, I have resigned from the committee, but I thought it important to keep you in the loop, insofar as I am allowed to, without giving away committee confidentiality. You will be aware that things have been difficult on the committee for a while. Personally, I've made a massive effort to be reconciled with Paul after last year - and I also did a lot, between ourselves, both for him and for the committee - but I'm afraid it seems that he ...Continue Reading

Re: today's setting up and spikes

May 19th 2018

Dear all Good luck tonight - I’m sure you’ll be out of this world (see what I did there?) I have a ticket but also a lot of work and a rammed weekend. I hope to get there. If not, see you in September. I doubt I’ll be at the barbecue - it’s on Father’s Day. Best wishes Marion On 19 May 2018, at 08:23, Alice McVeigh via BSO celli <cel[1]> wrote: Dear all, Looking forward to seeing you early - despite crap parking due to football event at Langley!!!! - ...Continue Reading

today's setting up and spikes

May 19th 2018

Dear all, Looking forward to seeing you early - despite crap parking due to football event at Langley!!!! - to set up (except for Helen M., who will instead be looking sensational, as it's the only time she could have her hair done). And Marion, not playing this concert. With luck, the basses will help as I have a duff hamstring, which is currently hamstringing my tennis. I will be bringing my old spike AND my Mitsuke triple brilliante new spike for you to try (if you have the old 8 mm spike ...Continue Reading

super spike!!!!!!!!

May 2nd 2018

Dear all, I am blown away. Yesterday I went to London to try out the amazing Mitsuke triple brilliante spike. As I just wrote to the owner of Guivier's: Dear Richard, Just a short note to say THANKS for yesterday. The cello sounds sublime. It sounded very good after your colleague's great restoration work, even better after the Magnacore C got put on, and after yesterday - I'm blown away. It feels as if all the strings are new!!! (and three are old). And the open A-string (just playing ...Continue Reading


May 1st 2018

Dear celli Thank you SO much for my birthday wishes and OVERWHELMING generosity...I had planned to try and slip this one past quietly after celebrating a Big 59 last year!! Forgot to reckon with Alice's penchant for public speaking lol!! I was gobsmacked (look it up Alice - it means speechless haha) on opening the card - off to London today for birthday treats with Beth and David and some serious shopping! Also the sun is shining and I have free travel - woohoo Thanks so much xx ...Continue Reading


April 17th 2018

Dear all, I was very touched by getting yet another present from you last night (the main one being your generosity in playing for the Rohingya refugees in the first place!!- for which I can't thank you enough). I HAD said 'no presents' for my 60th, and I meant it, but - as it happens - my eyes are constantly getting worse (my 'new' orchestra glasses are out-of-date after only two months, so, yet again, my prescription must have deteriorated) and I'd actually been thinking of buying one of th ...Continue Reading

card for my fiftieth from the celli

March 22nd 2018

You are all way too kind. And too supportive. And too terrific. I really thought that you had all ALREADY given me the most wonderful B-day present ever, by consenting to play for absolutely no money for a cause I really care about, only last week. (Not to mention giving up several evenings, when you all work so hard - not to mention Mary's coming back, out of the goodness of her heart, from retirement!!) We have had so many great comments, and so much very generous stuff written about us, on ...Continue Reading


March 19th 2018

Just a short note to say THANK YOU to each of you for last night, for your support, your playing and your rehearsing and special thanks to those of you (Becky and Anne esp.) who helped to bail us on on the coffee crisis (My church friend Marianne forgot she'd promised to get the coffee going, lol). Also want to flag up Helen G. for her lovely Hymnus solo and to apologise for Helen M. for playing one of HER solos in the last Handel (I just assume solo has to mean me, what a prat!!!) THEN I rememb ...Continue Reading