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BSO celli

November 23rd 2017

Right: I have enough green lights to say that the concert, at my church (URC, Petts Wood, newly refurbished with losing half the pews and with the addition of a full-size, nearly-new Yamaha grand piano costing over £25,000) in aid of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is going to happen!!!!The BSO wind quintet is up for it, as it the Giardini string quartet.  ...Continue Reading

Fw[2]: Cello parts

November 18th 2017

Hi fellow cellos: Alan here, helping us out!!!! Please prioritise bowing the Strauss, assuming you can find the time before Mon., as (a) it's the most demanding (for us) and (b) Si is meant to do it on Monday. Though not exclusively, I don't think. (He's at a conference just now so can't check.)XXAlice ------ Forwarded Message ------ From: "Alan M" <> To: "Alice McVeigh" <> Sent: 18/11/2017 11:21:59 Subject: Fwd: ...Continue Reading

Running 10k - to support Hospital Extravaganza - a Trinity Laban CoLab Project

November 15th 2017

Hi Cellos! Hope you are all well. I thought I would share this in case of interest and in case you would able to support or spread the word :-) I am running a 10k on Sunday 17th December in Greenwich Park with a small team of my work colleagues from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance.We hope to raise £1,000* to support Hospital Extravaganza, *a project taking music into hospitals as part of CoLab 2018.* Further info on the project is on our dona ...Continue Reading

Fwd: BSO celli

October 16th 2017

.... and shows how bad I am at playing by ear. :)MarionBegin forwarded message:*From:* "Drayton, Helen" <>*Date:* 16 October 2017 at 17:05:07 BST*To:* 'M HITCHCOCK' <>*Subject:* *RE: BSO celli* Hi Marion,   Thanks and well done – that’s the lawyer in you coming out – leave nothing to chance!!! H x *From:* [] *Sent:* 16 October 2017 16:53 *To:* BSO celli < ...Continue Reading

happy birthday.cello part in g - Google Search

October 16th 2017

Fwd: BSO celli

October 16th 2017

I've printed out 4 copies of the cello part just in case (like me)you're not sure if it to avoid lots of 'giving the game away' practice when we get there. The part is quite small print and filled the rest of the page with black ink so probably the most expensive sheet music in the world. GrrrrMarionBegin forwarded message:*From:* "Alice McVeigh via BSO celli" <>*Date:* 16 October 2017 at 16:13:05 BST*To:* "BSO celli" <cel...@bromleysymphon ...Continue Reading

BSO celli

October 16th 2017

Just a heads-up: Today is Adrian's 67/68/69th B-day. (Nobody is quite sure.)When his baton comes down we play 'Happy B-day' starting on open D.Please somebody tell basses!!!!XXXAlice ...Continue Reading

Iberia parts

September 19th 2017

Dear friends,I'm really sorry there weren't enough parts of /Iberia/. Alan KNOWS we have six desks of cellos - we'd had six desks potentially for years and years, though not everyone can always make it - and I volunteered last season to copy personally any extra parts that might be needed, assuming he'd make them available of course, but he was resistant.  I don't understand this, as I wasn't asking him to do it. I just don't understand it.Marion has said for ages that we have to ...Continue Reading

Danson number 2 for bowing

September 12th 2017

And here it is, as the printer in good mood. . . Love,A ...Continue Reading

Re: music disaster

September 12th 2017

Dear Hel,Don't worry. Someone will have everything. I personally seem to have AB's bowed Danzon No 2 so I'll scan that. I also seem to have two spare unbowed De Falls ans one spare ubowed Casals (because they were there.)XXA ------ Original Message ------ From: "Helen Griffiths via BSO celli" <> To: "BSO celli" <> Sent: 12/09/2017 09:57:23 Subject: music disaster Calling all celli: I thought we were be ...Continue Reading

music disaster

September 12th 2017

Calling all celli: I thought we were being so organised but it seems there was a mix up collecting the parts to take home and scan. I dropped some spares and Anne helped me gather them but in the packing up scramble they must have got muddled.  *I only have AB's bowed parts for Falla and Debussy.* *Can you all please check and let me know if you have taken home bowed mastercopies of Marquez, Ravel, Song of the Birds* - AB writes 'bowed' or 'bowed mastercopy' and signs them. Anne do you know where the spares t ...Continue Reading

Cello technical exercises

June 19th 2017

Hi all, David's cousin Lionel (cello prof at RAM, Birmingham Conservatoire and a couple of prominent public schools) has compiled a book of 'Daily Practice for Soloists and Advanced Players' transcribed from Albert Sammons' original violin book. Cost £11 includes postage. If interested let me know and I will place orders for you. Some exercises very playable others impossible! Taster photos attached!! Helen xx Sent from my iPhone ...Continue Reading

Re: cello seating

May 23rd 2017

Thanks, Alice. Not hasty but not likely to reconsider - and, assuming your praise is heartfelt and genuine, I think the move will only benefit the section.  Hx Sent from my iPhone On 23 May 2017, at 13:05, Alice McVeigh <> wrote: Dear Helen, I'm devastated to hear this, and urge you to reconsider. 1) You play with amazing sensitivity and skill and no loss of technique. (The bit in the Dukas defeated me as well as you: it is famously impossible to play.) 2) I love your playing ...Continue Reading

Re: cello seating

May 23rd 2017

Dear Helen,   I'm devastated to hear this, and urge you to reconsider.   1) You play with amazing sensitivity and skill and no loss of technique. (The bit in the Dukas defeated me as well as you: it is famously impossible to play.)   2) I love your playing, and always have, and I strongly believe that both Adrian and Andy would testify to your leadership skills as well. (I know Andy would, and Simon also.) You belong at the front of any section.   3) I hope this is not a hasty decision bas ...Continue Reading

cello seating

May 23rd 2017

Dear Alice Firstly, I am glad that the shenanigans of the past few weeks have been resolved with last night's AGM decisions and renewed commitments. We can all now look forward to the Mozart workshop (yay - a whoe day of WAM!) and the the next couple of exciting seasons with the centenary. I have copied this to celli, Adrian and David as it affects them all and, of course Paul for info. For the workshop and future seasons I would like to relinquish my front desk seat and sit outside 3rd desk. As you should remember, I ...Continue Reading

Re: Recommendation - getting bow rehaired

April 5th 2017

You'll have heard that Malcolm Tysoe has gone bankrupt :( I've heard good things about the guy opposite Sevenoaks School (from Helen Griffiths) but I'll probably take my cello and bow in the future to Guivier's, in central London. Such a loss!!!!XXAlice  ------ Original Message ------ From: "Amanda Stephen via BSO celli" <> To: "BSO celli" <> Sent: 05/04/2017 09:57:24 Subject: Recommendation - get ...Continue Reading

Recommendation - getting bow rehaired

April 5th 2017

Hello everyoneHope you are all doing well on this super sunny morning :-) I am keen to rehair my cello bow whilst we have a break from BSO rehearsals. Do you have any recommendations on a good (but not too expensive!) place to go? Ideally, somewhere in SE London near Bromley/ Lewisham?Thank you - really appreciate it!See you all soonAmanda xx ...Continue Reading

FW: Contact from BSO website

March 31st 2017

 *From:* Tom Sutcliffe via Bromley Symphony Orchestra [] *Sent:* 31 March 2017 13:44*To:**Subject:* Contact from BSO website Dear Bromley Symphony Orchestra, I play chamber music with friends locally (just for fun) and we are looking for a cellist, who might like to play trios for flute, cello and piano. There are really interesting trios for this combination by Haydn, Beethoven, Weber, Farrenc etc. I would say our standard is reasonably competent c ...Continue Reading

Bowed parts ready

March 23rd 2017

Bowed parts for violins and celli are ready for copying at  -- Phil McKerracher+44 7565  ...Continue Reading

Fw: Brahms2

March 21st 2017

Brahms - page one seems to be missing stave lines(!) although it looked ok last night but I think it's good enough for copying bowing...and I think all the parts have been bowed by AB and Margaret already?! Helen *From:* Helen Griffiths <> *Sent:* 20 March 2017 23:41 *To:* Helen Griffiths *Subject:* Brahms2 Scanned with iScanner iPhone app. ...Continue Reading
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