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Subject: RE: Member survey - ends 4th June
Date: June 4th 2017

A reminder that the survey closes at the end of today and less than half the members have so far responded. This is your chance to be heard and it’s already clear that many of you have very interesting things to say.

Anonymous returns are allowed and all questions are optional so even if you don’t have time to fill out the complete survey please do contribute some feedback.

The current survey is specifically about the most recent May concert but comments are always welcome by emailing"> or using the contact form at Or why not grab a committee member during a coffee break and have an old-fashioned face to face conversation?


Phil McKerracher
+44 7565 803841


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Sent: 24 May 2017 14:57
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Subject: Member survey - ends 4th June


Your committee is seeking feedback on your experience playing in the most recent concert (20th May 2017) to help us plan future concerts, encourage members to join and stay, and address any concerns you may have. We know your time is precious and we want rehearsals and concerts to be rewarding and fun for everyone. Please be frank - anonymous returns are allowed and all fields are optional. Individual results will be seen by all committee members and aggregate results may be made public.

The survey closes on Sunday 4th June 2017.

The survey is located here and we plan to repeat it after future concerts and workshops.

Thank you for your help.


Phil McKerracher
+44 7565 803841


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