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RE: String parts

September 12th 2017

Actually there’s an easier address: [1] or just go to Members > Parts in the menu system. (Humour appreciated, but that /node address will stop working when the migration to WordPress is complete). -- Phil McKerracher +44 7565 803841 [2] From: stri[3] [mailto:stri[4]] Sent: 12 September 2017 13:57 To: BSO strings <stri[5]> Subject: String parts Afterno ...Continue Reading

String parts

September 12th 2017

Afternoon The bowed viola parts and two of the cello parts are now on the website for you to download to bow your own individual copies. I am sure the rest of the string parts will be up there soon so keep checking back. If you don't know where to find the parts, they are here: [1] If you do know where to find the parts, they're also here: [2] Please have all your parts bowed within the next fo ...Continue Reading

Number of desks for next season

May 21st 2017

Could all string section heads tell me how many desks they require for next concert / season? If you do not tell me, I will just get the default set, as ordering more copies from publishers costs more as they have to take parts from other sets. Thanks ...Continue Reading

Malcolm Tysoe

April 19th 2017

Hi all You may be aware that Malcolm Tysoe's Music Shop in Farnborough Village has recently ceased trading as a result of Malcolm's ill health [1] I have had a bow in for repair with Malcolm for some weeks and in the process of trying to find out the status of the work I have made contact with some people who have provided services to Malcolm over the years and who continue to be available directly as follows: Violin/Viola/Cello repairs - Dante Zufolo [2]...@gmail. ...Continue Reading

Viola parts

April 18th 2017

Violas Apologies. I uploaded the bowed parts in the break of the first rehearsal from my phone. Since then, someone cleared all the folders, unaware that the violas could be that efficient. I have uploaded them again. Download quick before the internet fairy wipes them out again. Yours The beautiful one. Sent from my iPhone ...Continue Reading


January 28th 2017

Violas and cellos I have scanned the Schumann for both cellos and violas and the Mahler for the violas. I would have done it earlier but my normal scanning resource is in my office in London, a location which the incompetent thieving buggers at Southeastern seemed wholly incapable of delivering me to last week. However I have now given up and scanned them on my iPhone and they are now there for you to bow albeit a bit wobbly looking due to one of my legs being apparently a bit shorter than the o ...Continue Reading

Bowed parts available for upper strings

November 23rd 2016

\[\-\-iCROwbOjDM_TMP[if gte mso 9]> Bowed copies of all violin and viola parts are now available at [1] -- Phil McKerracher +44 7565 803841 [2] \[\-\-iCROwbOjDM_TMPsignatureDM_TMPiCROwbOj\-\-\] --------------------------------------------------------------------- View the [3]archive or unsubscribe. \[\-\-iCROwbOjDM_TMP/signatureDM_TMPiCROwbOj\-\-\] [1] [2] [ ...Continue Reading

Viola Parts

November 22nd 2016

It may be a bit early in the morning to discuss viola parts - some of you may only have just finished your breakfast. However for those blessed people, the bowed parts are now up on the website. Apologies for not scanning them last week - I would have done had I not forgotten. However the fact that I have remembered this week (against all predictions) is a surely a beacon of hope to all those with limited intellects - you too can haul yourself out of the primordial soup and master basic skills su ...Continue Reading

Attention Second Violins

October 3rd 2016

\[\-\-gaYT94hVDM_TMP[if !mso]> Dear all Ruth raised the issue of turning pages in the Ravel and not losing the inside player’s part (either 2nd or 4th divisi line). So I’ve put together this little note suggesting where the outside player might turn etc. There’s the odd compromise but I think it works out OK. I’ll bring some hard copies tonight too. Mike Mike Ibbott Director t +44 (0)20 7208 2029 m +44 (0) 7803 513 759 tp bennett LLP One America Street London SE1 0NE U ...Continue Reading

Viola Parts for bowing

September 20th 2016

The viola parts are on the website for bowing: [1] The V sign is an up bow and box with the missing bottom edge is a down bow. Other than that, you're on your own but if anyone asks you to move out of first position, you are entitled to free counselling. And an ice cream. Love and peace Dave \[\-\-3N2mUeyfDM_TMPsignatureDM_TMP3N2mUeyf\-\-\] --------------------------------------------------------------------- View the [2]archive or uns ...Continue Reading
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