Orchestration and concert order 2017-11-11

Start time: 

11 Nov 2017 - 19:45 to 22:15


Langley Park Centre for the Performing Arts, South Eden Park Road, Beckenham BR3 3BP

Márquez: Danzón No. 2
10 mins.  2(Picc).222. 4231. T. PF. 3 perc (Claves, SD Cym, 3 TomToms, Guiro, BD.) Str.

Casals arr Brown:  ‘Song of the Birds’
Soloist Alice McVeigh
5 mins. Cello Solo. 2200.  1000 Tri. Str.

Debussy: ‘Ibéria’ from ‘Images’
20 mins. 4(2Picc)3(CA)34(Con). 4331. T. 2Hp. 4perc. (Cast,Xylo,Tamb,SD,Cym, Bells, Cel.). Str. 


De Falla: ‘Nights in the Garden of Spain’
Soloist Catherine Borner
23 mins. 3(picc)3(CA)22. 4231. T. 2 perc. (Cym, Tri.) Hp.Celeste, Str.

Ravel: ‘Boléro’
13 mins. 3(picc),3(CA,Ob D’am),3(eflat,BCl,0), 3,Con. 4431. T. 4perc.  Celeste. Hp,  Sop Sax, Ten Sax. Str.