The auditorium is tiered, with good visibility from all seats. In the stalls, row A is step free. There are two aisles with steps rising to row H and linking to the circle. Note that the outer ends of each row in the side stalls are against a wall – there is no aisle on the outer ends. There is a lift to the circle.

Step free seats in the stalls

Row A in the stalls is step free, both centre and side. We recommend row A in the side stalls for wheelchair users.

Step free seats in the circle

There is a lift to the circle. In the circle, there are seats on the violin side that are step free – see illustration below.

  • Side circle, seats C36 to C28. Seat C36 is nearest the door.
  • Circle slips, seats B46 to B56. Seat B46 is nearest the door.

Side circle Row C and Slips Row B are step free