How to add BSO concerts to your calendar

Here are some instructions for subscribing to BSO concerts so that they appear on your smartphone or PC and are updated automatically from this web site. This means you always have the latest concert details as soon as they are updated and you know when future concerts are to avoid clashes.

On many modern phones or tablets, all you need to do is tap or click this QR code, or focus your camera on it. If that doesn’t work, try the application-specific instructions below.

Microsoft Outlook

In calendar view, select Add > From Internet…

Add from internet

In the popup, enter webcal://

A second calendar should appear beside your normal one, labelled Bromley Symphony Concerts.

Click the little arrow at the top left of the new tab to “View in overlay mode”

Outlook snapshot

Your normal calendar and the BSO concerts should now be visible in the same calendar. You can change the colour by right-clicking on the calendar.


From the Calendar application, select File > New Calendar Subscription. Paste in webcal:// as above. The BSO concerts should appear in the calendar – if not, check that the box next to the new calendar subscription is checked.

Mac OSX screenshot 

Google calendar

If you use the online Google calendar at click the dropdown arrow beside “Other calendars” and select “Add by URL”. Paste in webcal://  as above. The BSO concerts should appear in your calendar in a different colour.

Snapshot of Google Calendar

Android phones

If your phone is synchronised with your Google account, first follow the instructions above for Google calendar on the web. Then, in the calendar application on your phone (e.g. S Planner) press the Menu button then select Calendars > Display and check that Bromley Symphony Concerts is present (this can take a while, especially if you don’t have a good data connection) and selected. Note that only the next 12 months will be synchronised – there doesn’t seem to be any way to increase this.

If you don’t see any concerts, check that they are visible at and then on your phone check that synchronisation is enabled by going to Settings > Accounts > Google then tap your account name (probably your gmail address) and check that “Sync Calendar” is selected.

iPhone and iPad

Navigate to Settings > Passwords & Accounts or Settings > Calendar > Accounts then Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar, enter webcal:// and click Save. The BSO concerts should appear in your calendar after a few minutes.

Lumia phones

First, create a Google calendar if you don’t have one already, and subscribe to BSO concerts as described above. Then add the Google account to your Lumia phone. On Start swipe left to the apps menu, select Settings > email+accounts > add an account > Google, and follow the displayed instructions.

Lotus Notes

Open your calendar and click “Add a Calendar” under “Show Calendars” at the left. Then expand the “Add” dropdown at the top of the window that pops up and select “iCalendar feed”. Then select “Public Calendar” and enter the URL


Blackberry devices are usually set up to synchronise only with one calendar, typically your main Outlook calendar, so it’s difficult to add BSO concerts to your phone. You can of course use a web browser on your Blackberry to see the BSO concerts on the BSO home page or on a Google Calendar.

It is possible to “import” BSO concerts into your main calendar in Outlook (rather than “subscribe”) and they will then appear on your normal Blackberry calendar, but they won’t update automatically – you will have to re-import them (and delete the old versions) every time new concerts are added.

There may be third party applications that can synchronise multiple calendars but it would be best to check with your IT administrator before installing anything that might interfere with your normal synchronisation.


Go to File > New > Calendar… and select “On the Network”. In the next window select Format: iCalendar (ICS) and enter webcal:// as the location and click Continue. Give the calendar a name such as BSO Concerts and click Continue then Done. The BSO concerts should appear after a few minutes