Barn raising

We very much welcome donations from supporters who are able to become patrons of the orchestra. Your generosity provides a much valued source of funding without which it would be impossible to present such interesting and ambitious programmes. If you are able to help in this way, a donation can conveniently be added to your ticket order or sent directly from your bank account to ours by direct transfer or standing order, either online or at any bank branch. Please pay:

  • Bromley Symphony Orchestra
  • Account 30183792
  • Sort code 40-15-05

We suggest a minimum of £25 for individuals or £40 for couples. You may also pay by cheque, payable to Bromley Symphony Orchestra and posted to the treasurer at PO Box 1065, Bromley BR1 9QD.

To donate by credit/debit card, click the Donate button below. Please add a reference indicating how you wish your name to appear on programmes (unless of course you wish to remain anonymous).

If you are a UK taxpayer, your donation will be worth 25% more to us if you also send us a Gift Aid declaration. 

  • Mrs J Adams
  • Mrs Jill Brodie
  • John & Riet Carmichael
  • Mr & Mrs B W Davis
  • Mr & Mrs T J Dillon
  • Mr & Mrs J Farrel
  • Glynn & Denyse Griffiths
  • Shirley & Geoff Griffiths
  • Mrs Jean Handorff
  • Richard & Maureen Holden
  • Mr Alan Howes
  • Yvonne and David Lowe
  • Dr Beryl Magrath
  • Professor and Mrs S.W. McVeigh
  • Mrs June Norton
  • Mr Martin Perkins
  • Mr & Mrs C J Pope
  • Pauline & Tim Rogers
  • Mr J G Ross-Martyn
  • Penny Steer
  • Judy Wilde
  • Richard and Barbara Wood