How can I help as a non-player?

We could not survive without help from our audience and volunteers, who contribute in many ways. Some examples of ways to help:

  • Asking friends, neighbours and colleagues to come to our concerts (perhaps by donating an unused ticket) is a very effective way of supporting us, because empty seats are expensive and good audiences attract good players. We can send you season brochures and concert leaflets for distribution in local shops or libraries on request.
  • A review of one of our concerts in the local press, or even just on social media (e.g. facebook, X or instagram) or by email would also be an excellent way to help because these can reach a larger number of people.
  • Donating funds as a patron or as a bequest is an effective way to help us afford to perform more ambitious and interesting works with professional soloists. It also helps us keep tickets generally affordable. Simply adding a bit extra to your ticket order is often a convenient way to donate.
  • Volunteering your time at concerts by helping with stewarding, car park marshalling or ticketing is very useful because it allows members to concentrate on performing (and you get a free ticket).
  • We are always interested in suggestions for future pieces to perform or for other improvements, better ways to publicise concerts and feedback on any problems you might encounter at concerts.

Please contact us if you’re interested in helping in any way.