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Subject: FW: BSO BBQ
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Date: June 26th 2017

Dear All,


Please see the details for getting to Frank on Sunday.

Please advise me direct if you are planning on coming so that I can adviser Frank accordingly.

Hope to see as many as possible there.




From: Frank Cottee []
Sent: 24 June 2017 08:34
Subject: Re: BSO BBQ




BBQ is at:


Bowden Glen

Hodsoll Street (near Wrotham),


Kent  TN15 7LH


From 1-5pm


Bring your own food and drink and we will cook the food.  No charge, but if someone would like to organise a raffle we may be able to raise some orchestra funds.

The BBQ will be shared with the City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra (CRSO).


Parking will be in the local farm units and will be signposted.  Feel free to drop things off at the house first if you have anything bulky like chairs or children.


We will be using Village Hall chairs and tables, but feel free to bring you own chairs.


Any queries please phone Frank on 01732 823 175 or 07962 408 108.







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Thanks Frank and I can circulate

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Thanks for the lightening-quick response.  If you wouldn't mind coordinating the numbers that will save a lot of email traffic.  Shall I send a summary, including directions, to you?






On 18 Jun 2017, at 22:05, Paul Jenner wrote:

Dear Frank,


Sarah did send out a “doodle poll” to find a suitable date but as usual they were so far spread it was impossible to tie anyone down. I think your suggestion is best so I’ll ask Sarah to email the members informing them of the date and the arrangements.

I shall certainly be there and hopefully quite a few of the others will too. Do you want those coming to inform you direct or for me to collect the numbers?


Speak soon




From: Frank Cottee [">] 
Sent: 18 June 2017 19:36
Subject: BSO BBQ




Not sure what's happened to the lines of communication.  At the last BSO rehearsal I said that we would go ahead with the combined BSO/CRSO BBQ on July 2nd as we hadn't heard any response to the BSO call for dates, whereas CRSO were happy with July 2nd.  As it's now very late in the day and we will be away for much of July and August I suggest that we stick with the joint BBQ.


It's too late to organise it as a fund-raiser so we have arranged with CRSO that it's a purely social occasion, with guests bringing all their own food and drink and us providing the BBQ in order to cook the meat for everybody.  


Clearly, it would be helpful to have an idea of numbers about a week before the event.  I can also provide location details nearer the time.  Making a virtue out of necessity, I think this could be a very positive opportunity for like-minded orchestras to meet.






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Subject: BSO BBQ


Hi Paul
Mary tells me you've posted late July on Facebook as a probable date for the BSO BBQ. Frank emailed me the other day saying it will be the 2nd July, suggest you get in touch with him! Then the membership.
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