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Subject: Minutes of BSO Committee Meeting 11th September 2018
Date: October 3rd 2018

Dear members

You have been advised that Sarah Norman stood down as BSO Secretary after the AGM, but not that I was elected on June 20th to that role.

It was agreed by the last committee that the minutes of committee meetings would be shared with members; this was to come into effect from January this year. As discussed at the last AGM, this has not yet been implemented for various technical reasons. The new committee met for the first time on September 11th and affirmed its intention to respect that earlier undertaking, either on the basis that the technical issue will likely be resolved soon (ideally by enabling members to access such documents from a secure area of the website) or by resorting to rather low-tech methods, that is sending the minutes out as email attachments. For now we have to use the latter approach.

The general rule (not always observed) has been for the committee to meet four times a year, shortly prior to each concert. The last committee also agreed that an additional pre-season meeting would be held to which Adrian Brown would be invited. Owing to diary problems that meeting for this season could only be arranged for the day after our restart, on 11th September. The relevant minutes are attached.

Please note the following:

It was always recognised that matters confidential to one or more individuals may need to be edited out of the minutes distributed to members. If that is the case members will be advised that some editing has been required. That has not been the case in this instance.

The next committee meeting - the first of its usual schedule - will take place on October 30th. If you have any comments to make in connection with what was discussed at the last session, or would like to bring any matters to the committee's attention, please email me, with a copy to the Chairman of the Committee, Paul Jenner.

The first of two music meetings to discuss the programmes for the 2019/2020 season will be held on November 13th. This year we will be adopting a format (as explained in the attached) that is different from previous years. But members’ proposals are of course still welcome. Please email me, with a copy to Paul, if you wish to make any suggestions.

Kind regards

Chris Richardson

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