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From: "Judy Brown via BSO members">
Subject: Mugs, publicity and Twitter...
Date: October 15th 2018
Hi All

A few very sensible people have started bringing their own mugs/cups to rehearsal for tea and coffee. This is something we should all be moving towards if possible. Enviromentally speaking it will save us from using all those plastic and polystyrene cups and bearing in mind the temperature of the water, it will save a lot of scorched fingers. So if at all possible can members start bringing their own re-usable receptacles to rehearsal.

Secondly, we are trying to find new avenues for publicity. If anyone has any connections in media of any sort, could they come and talk to me at rehearsal, I'm sitting in 6th desk of first this concert in case you have no idea who I am. Or you can email me of course.

And lastly, are there any serial tweeters out there who would like to tweet for BSO? It's one of those things you either do or don't do, personally I don't but hopefully someone out there just loves to tweet...

See you all later!

Judy Brown" border="0">


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