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From: "Alan M via BSO members">
Subject: BSO Librarian
Date: November 5th 2018
It is time for me to pass the librarian baton onto someone else.

These are the duties:

  • To hire music in advance of the start of the next concert's rehearsal sessions, preferably 2 weeks in advance to give Adrian a chance to bow parts, and for you to get additional music sets printed as the BSO string sections have now expanded beyond the size catered for by standard orchestral sets
  • To package music up into folders for each of the orchestral sections before the first rehearsal
  • At the end of each concert, collect, collate, repair and return the music to the hiring company or library
  • Forward invoices to the treasurer
  • Help the treasurer prepare a budget by feeding in music hire estimates when required
You will need:

  • Patience
  • A few hours at end of a concert, and before the first rehearsal of the next concert
  • Floor space for arranging music in piles
  • The ability to plan and do things on time
  • A car to transport the Grey Suitcase to and from rehearsals and concerts
  • The ability to lift heavy weights without damaging yourself (particularly your back)
  • A multi-language guide to translate all the instrument names, preferably printed-out and to hand. Beware "false friends".
  • Packing tape (when returning posted items to hire companies)
  • Book Repair Tape (when music is damaged)
  • Scissors

Benefits of doing the job:

  • Adrian will learn your name
  • I will be very grateful
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