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From: "Alice McVeigh via BSO members">
Subject: a link from Alice McVeigh
Date: February 5th 2019
Dear friends, 

My parents are almost 90 but life-long classical music-lovers, and it was they who asked me to get the video made of Simon's concert with the orchestra.

I called my friend Chris Beston, who has made videos for the orchestra before. Chris got quite inspired on the night and has since spent ages editing it, with different angles etc. The recording guys (and the aged parents, of course) are thrilled with it.

As requested by several players last night, here is the link - with massive thanks to every single one of you from Simon. It is not publicly available, but feel free to share with friends and family. 


Alice (McVeigh)

PS Chris didn't like the jet black back curtain, so he chose to superimpose a 'BSO 100' that was not there at the concert. Nothing else has been altered.
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